Brennan and the Campaign Legal Centers on Youth Voting with field perspectives from Texas and North Carolina


What can Youth Voting advocates and activists do when legislation and  policy issues create hurdles for voter registration and voting?


Alice Clapman, Brennan Center, Senior Counsel, Voting Rights program

Valencia Richardson, Legal Counsel, Voting Rights, Campaign Legal Center

Kate Fellman, Founder & Executive Director, You Can Vote

Marlene Lobberecht, President of LWV CyFair, Texas; Author, Texas Advocacy Book

The potential of young voters has never been more critical—so what is stopping them from making it to the polls?

Participants learned about the current status of voter-related legislation and policies and how this directly impacts new potential voters. Perhaps most importantly, we shared strategies for taking action to make sure our youngest, newest voters are able to make their voices heard during the 2024 election cycle.